Watch The Sales of This E-Book Fly Off Your Site!

fix your credit report errorsErrors on Credit Reports — 40 Million Americans have them according to 60 Minutes

If you want a great product to sell, sell a product that will solve a problem for  people – for MILLIONS of them.

The average American cannot get the errors on their credit reports fixed because the credit bureaus will do nothing. Just watch the 60 Minutes report.

This book explains how I sued American Express and Citicorp on two different occasions to get my credit report fixed, and WON!  I show readers how I sued for under $100.

 When people dispute a credit report error here’s what happens:

a)      Call and talk to people who don’t understand your problem

b)      Call and talk to people who tell you to fill out forms on the Internet which you already did

c)       Call talk to people who tell you about company policies that make no sense

d)      Write letters and get a form letter response that has nothing to do with your issue

e)      Write letters and get a response telling you to take steps that you’ve already taken

f)       Receive a response from the credit bureaus that they have verified the information on your credit report is accurate


Over 50,000 people per month search for a solution to this problem, a problem which 40 million problem have. Advertise this book on your site and watch it sell copy after copy!

Three reasons this is the best financial product you can offer:

  1. An enormous market–there are more people demanding this solution than any other solution you offer
  2. A low price which means high purchase rate and an excellent product for you to use to build your list and sell other products
  3. A low price means low return rates


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